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Michael F

I just wanted to thank you again for making all of this a simple process. I feel so much better now.

Jack T

I received a letter from Mr. Bergman and decided to call. He was the only lawyer that would actually listen to my situation and actually offered a realistic solution. We went to Court, and he was able to get my case reduced to Disturbing the Peace.

Calling Mr. Bergam was the best thing I could have done. Thanks for helping me.

Ricky H

Keith Bergman took care of two of my cases. I was looking at going to jail for 6 months, and after he was done dealing on the cases, I got 2 years of simple probation.

I recommend him to everyone who needs a lawyer. If you need a lawyer, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee it

Adrian J

I got Mr. Bergman’s number from another client of his. I am very glad that I got his number and called him. He had me meet with him less than 30 minutes after I called. He took care of my Reckless driving ticket immediately, and got it dropped from my driving record.

He is the best and I will give his number to anyone that needs help from now on

Jenny R

I hired Mr. Bergman because the first day I was in Court, he seemed to get along with every person I saw him talked to. He had quite a few clients in Court that day, and he looked like he had total command of the Courtroom. I wanted someone like that to handle my case.

I met him at his office and he was just a normal person that knew what to do. He made me feel like everything was going to be ok.Each time we went to Court, he would call me to make sure I remembered, and he always had everything under control. He gave me hope when I did not have any myself. He even took care of my DUI case in Jenks without getting upset that I got arrested while he was working on my felony.

Everyone else in my life seemed to give up on me, but he handled that problem the same way as my felony. Thank you Mr. Bergman for all that you did for me.

Christopher H

For the last 2 years Mr. Bergman has been my attorney. I was caught red-handed selling drug to a police informant. They tried to give me 10 years in prison. Mr. Bergman did not let that happen. He fought them every step of the way.

I am so thankful I was told about Keith Bergman. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer for anything, he is the man. The best money I ever spent. Thank you Mr. Bergman for sticking with me through all my problems. I owe you a lot.

Joseph W

I was messed up on drugs really bad. Mr. Bergman was able to help me get treatment for my addictions. However, after my car accident, I went back to doing drugs. I committed a lot of crimes to help support my habit. I got 5 years to serve in prison for all the crimes I committed and all the trouble I caused.

His postcard has his name and number on it. If you are smart, you will make him your attorney too. He will treat you like a real person with real problems. He never gave up on me, when it seemed that everyone else.

Kiesha R

Keith Bergman took care of everything. Seriously, everything. Even when I did not pay the DA on my probation and got back into trouble, one call and the warrant was gone, and a month later he was able to close my case while I stayed in OKC. He is the best.

Charlie E

Mr. Keith helped me out when nobody else would. He got my 10 year old DUI in Claremore dismissed and resolved my driving warrants in Tulsa, and handled all of my tickets after that. He took me at my word that I would pay him when other lawyers would not even talk to me. He did a great job.

Samantha H

I was referred to Keith Bergman by a friend of mine. He did not disappoint. He took my weed case, and my shoplifting case, and quickly got both over. Even when I did not have money to pay him, he still show-up and helped me. Now he is suing QT for my broken ankle I got when I fell at their store.

He just knows how to take care of things.

Shawn H

I really thought I was going to prison. Not only did I not go to jail, my case became a misdemeanor and that was it. I don’t know how he took a case where they claim I hit a police officer and got it to such a small thing, but thank god he did. All I have to do is be on DA supervision for a year and pay a fine, that’s it.

Thank you Keith for helping me realize that people do get second chances in life, I won’t screw mine up.

Taylor R

I had the worst two years of my life. I got into so much trouble, and had to hire Keith Bergman as my attorney. He did everything he could for me, but I did not come back to Court and got into more trouble. A year later I called Keith and he did not judge me or turn his back on me, instead he treated me like a human being that has gone through some traumatic times. He got all my warrants off of me, and got all my different cases set on the same day. We showed up on that day and he was able to keep me out of jail and got all my cases taken care of.

Steven F

I did a really stupid thing against my ex and her new man. Really stupid. But then I met Mr. Bergman and he handled everything. When it was over, all the charges were dismissed and I did not have to pay my ex a penny.

Best money I ever spent hiring Mr. Bergman.

Ralph B

I live in Missouri and unfortunately got caught with some stuff while driving through Oklahoma. I was able to hire Mr. Bergman, paid with credit card over the phone. He handled everything else. My problem will soon be gone forever.

Thanks Keith, you were awesome.

Stacey S

I found out I had warrants out for my arrest. I called Keith Bergman and he met me at the Courthouse the next day, got the warrants off of me, met with the prosecutor, and had all my cases worked out in less than an hour.

Literally I called him and he took care of everything in like a minute.

Tanya W

He presented himself exactly like I was told he would from my friend who he got out of trouble. He took over the entire courtroom and everyone could tell he was in charge. If it was not for him I would still be in jail.

He was awesome every time.

Mitchel S

I met Mr. Bergman in the hallway of the Courthouse. I had Court that day and he stepped in and got my probation violation resolved in less than 30 minutes. I am grateful that I approached him outside the Courtroom. He is my new lawyer from now on.

Sarah R

He is the best. He took care of my cases three years ago. He took care of my husband’s felonies last year. Now for the second time, he got my new felony reduced to a simple Misdemeanor.

He is truly a miracle worker, hire him and relax, he knows how to take care of your case.

Jennifer K

He took care of my legal problems exactly how he said he was going to do it. Even when a new problem came around, he took care of it in less than 24 hours. I am never getting in trouble again, but if someone I know does, I am going to make them hire Keith Bergman.

Amanda H

I was 19 when I first met Keith Bergman. I had a felony charge where I tried to pay for stuff with fake 100-dollar bills, and got caught. He quickly and took charge, and I ended up with a deferred sentence that was expunged from my record 18 months later. However, during that, I had a DUI in Tulsa and one in Wagoner plus a felony drug case in Wagoner, I also had an Assault/battery charge in Tulsa.

I do not know how he was able to do what he did, but I should be in prison three times over, but all I ended up with are a couple Misdemeanor cases on my record. He stuck with me through the worst two years of my life and always did exactly what he said he would do and he always listened to me and treated me with respect. If you want a lawyer that truly cares about you, Mr. Bergman is the one for you. I owe my freedom to his hard work.

Brandi G

I was down to my last dollar and Keith Bergman took my case and worked with me on my payments. He was so pleasant to talk too, and he never judged me for what I did to my employer. He is a true professional and I highly recommend him if you want a lawyer that knows what he is doing, and one that can actually listen to your problems and figure out a way to resolve them.

Sergio S

I got in trouble into a wreck and needed a lawyer. Mr. Bergman was there to help me. I paid him his fee, he took care of everything. I am grateful for men like Keith Bergman. He is an honor to his profession.

Valerie W

This man helped me so much a few years ago. I got all charges dropped without ever stepping in a court room.

He is an amazing lawyer; call this man if u ever get in trouble. Thank you again. :).

(Taken from Facebook page)

Steven B/ Howard B

I got in trouble in Claremore and had no idea what to do. I looked at all of Mr. Bergman's past client’s reviews and decided to give him a call. He took charge of my case immediately, and in the end, all charges were dismissed.

He does what he says, and does it well.

Amanda P

Keith Bergman worked with me on my case. He was always available to answer my calls, and made me feel relaxed about my problems. He took care of everything, all I had to do was show up for court.

I hope I am never in trouble, but all my friends will be getting his card. Thanks for caring.

Melva L

I am 100% disabled and on heavy medication. The police were called out to my house for a fight with my husband. I was arrested for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. I was scared to death. I hired Mr. Bergman and in the end I plead guilty to resisting arrest.

I want to thank you for listening to me cry and complain so many times. You answered all my questions and were like my best friend during all this time. I want you to know I appreciate everything you did for me. I will not forget about you, I promise.

Kayla M

Keith Bergman is a great lawyer. I messed up real bad and got caught with drugs at my school. He was able to work out a great deal for me. Then when I got caught stealing, he never said a bad word to me, just got that one taken care of too.

He is very nice and treats me like I am all that matters to him. He really is a super lawyer.

Jeff K

Mr. Bergam took my first two cases over form another attorney. I had two pending DUI’s at the same time and I was told I was going to jail for 90 days. Mr. Bergman took over and I received only probation. He saved me from going to jail and he will fight for you the same way.

I have recommended him to two other people, and he took care of them the same way. Hite Mr. Bergman and he be there for you every time.

Jacqueline E

I was involved in a car accident, and other than going to the ER, I waited 7 months to see treatment on my back and neck. The insurance company denied my insurance claim.

I hired Keith Bergman and I just picked up a check for almost $4000.00. He is the best.

Kimberly S

This was my second felony. I really thought that I was going to prison. Mr. Bergman took this case without any money up front, only my promise to pay him. He still got my prior conviction dismissed and I was able to get probation. My only regret is that I did not hire him 8 years ago when I had my first felony, I know he would have been able to beat that case.

I highly recommend him as an attorney for any case that you have. If you want someone to work hard on your case, do not hesitate to hire Keith Bergman, you will not regret your decision.

Arvind K

Keith Bergman beat my tickets for me. Then he got me much more money on my car accident claim. With one letter and one phone call he made me over $3200.00. Then he took care of more tickets for me. Whenever I needed him, he was there. He helped my friend too.

He is a friend to the foreigners, hard to say that about a lot of people today. Thank you Mr. Bergman.

Tooo K

Where do I start? Easy, I should be in prison, no doubt about it. I had four felonies, Keith got me a Deferred sentence. Got another felony about 6 months later, he got that dropped to a Misdemeanor, and I still kept my probation. I then got another felony, and he was still able to keep me from Prison. Enough said, he saved my life, several times.

He is the best, no questions about it.

Michael S

My mother has been dealing with Mr. Bergman for many years. She hired him to help me get all my cases put behind me. I only met Mr. Bergman for a few minutes, but that is all it took. Everything was handled just like that.

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